Swell’s New Platform Re-Invents Talking Online

Swell, a new voice-based social platform, today announces its international launch at SXSW. Swell makes it easy to start, join and share voice convers

Swell’s New Platform Re-Invents Talking Online

Launching at SXSW, New Social Platform Connects People through Voice & Authentic Conversations

March 15, 2021 12:01 PM Eastern Daylight Time





, a new voice-based social platform, today announces its international launch at


. Swell makes it easy to start, join and share voice conversations online and is now available for free on




. Swell is the first platform to focus exclusively on asynchronous audio conversations, which do not require participants to be online at the same time. It encourages authentic conversations with posts that can contain links, photos and up to five minutes of audio– because whether you’re sharing a photo, link or thought, it’s better with your own voice.

With the current rise of audio, related hardware products and the verticalization of social media, voice-based apps and platforms are poised for growth. Swell combines an audio-first social experience that reduces screen time, brings people together and encourages thoughtful conversations. On Swell, talk with friends and family, or people from all over the world on topics like politics, podcasts, books, or sports. Listeners can reply in audio at any time to build and continue the audio conversation.

“Swell is democratizing voice by enabling any-time audio conversations,” said Sudha Varadarajan, co-founder and CEO of Swell. “While most social audio companies are focused on real-time audio chat, Swell frees up its users to keep talking on their own time. It’s easier to stay connected with friends, family and co-workers when you don’t have to coordinate schedules. The asynchronous audio format also results in more thoughtful replies and to encourage meaningful discourse, we don’t have any ads on the platform.”

The Swell platform also provides a comprehensive set of web capabilities to increase the reach of your voice. Every user gets a free swellcast.com

You can use Swell to:

Conveniently stay in touch with friends and family through private group conversations

Discover new people on topics of interest through public Swellcasts

Record an audio journal for work or personal use

Share pictures and links with your voice attached

Add audio content to your website

Interview someone

And much more!

“I love talking and creating on Swell! Thanks for building a platform that forges authentic conversations, rather than popularity contests,” said Chalon Bridges, CEO of Hello World.

“Swell is where civilized people have civilized conversations. I love talking on Swell about whatever’s on my mind,” said @AverageJoe, host of the popular

AverageJoe Swellcast


Swell will present tomorrow, March 16th, at SXSW 2021 on a session titled

”Voice is Transforming our Online Presence. Why?”

To listen to SXSW related conversations and interviews on Swell, check out



To download Swell, visit


About Swell

Based in San Francisco,


is a new voice-based social platform


The company was founded in 2020 by co-founders Sudha KV and Arish Ali, an experienced Silicon Valley team that previously founded Skava, a mobile commerce platform which led to profitable growth and exit. Swell has secured $3 million in funding from private investors and has offices in the US and India.


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